Bone Grafting: Building the foundation for a healthy smile

what is Bone Grafting?

Bone grafting is the process of rebuilding bone where deterioration has occurred. This procedure is typically done to prepare the jaw for a dental implant, but can be performed for other structural needs as well.

Missing one or more teeth can lead to bone loss at the site of the gap. Over time, this loss of bone can develop into additional problems, such as shifting of remaining teeth and changes to facial structure. 

Minor Bone Grafting

Minor bone grafting is typically done in preparation for the placement of dental implants.  With bone grafting we now have the opportunity to not only replace bone where it is missing, but we also have the ability to promote new bone growth in that location. This not only gives us the opportunity to place implants of proper length and width, but it also gives us a chance to restore functionality and an aesthetic appearance.

Major Bone Grafting

Major bone grafts are typically performed to repair defects of the jaws. These defects may arise as a result of traumatic injuries, cysts, tumors or congenital defects. This advanced process often requires additional materials and sometimes several specialists. Large defects are repaired using the patient’s own bone. This bone is harvested from a number of different areas depending on the size needed. The skull (cranium), hip (iliac crest), and lateral knee (tibia), are common donor sites. These procedures are routinely performed in an operating room and require a hospital stay.

 Potential Consequences of Jaw bone Loss

  • Problems with remaining teeth; including misalignment, drifting, loosening, and loss
  • Collapsed facial profile
  • Limited lip support
  • Skin wrinkling around the mouth
  • Distortion of other facial features
  • Jaw or TMJ pain, facial pain, and headaches
  • Difficulty speaking and communicating
  • Inadequate nutrition as a result of the inability to chew properly and painlessly
  • Sinus expansion

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