Patient Review

I was the biggest baby there was when it came to going to the dentist of any kind. But I have to tell you seeing Dr. Chames has been life-changing for me. Not only are his office staff and dental assistances professional, experienced and friendly, Dr. Chames Has to be the best oral surgeon I have ever seen. He is kind, caring and always tells you what he’s doing. I had to have eight of my top teeth pulled at the same time. I was sedated , but afterwords I was totally amazed that I hardly had any pain or swelling at all. I took Tylenol for the first 24 hours but I probably didnt even need that. I cannot tell you how going to the dentist( oral surgeon) has changed my way of thinking. I wish I had gone to them when I was younger but my fear kept me away and now I am paying the price. Don’t let that happen to you. . I would recommend them to anyone especially scaredy cats who have a fear of dentistry. I cannot thank them enough!

- Kathy K

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