Patient Review

It all started with januarry 1st, a sunday, where my bottom right wisdom tooth (which had actaully had a filling 10 months prior) wound up having a piece break off. So i went to my regular dentist whom filled it with a temp filling and instructing me that this tooth needs to be extracted and referred me to this place. I will be honest. i was truly dreading this procedure for the entire month I had to wait to get in. But from the very start the staff was very helpful and friendly. I initially was scheduled for the Livonia Office, but my work was actually closer to the Novi location so i called up Livonia and asked them about it. they were able to easiily and happily reschedule me to go to Novie. Also they were very good about explaining what i need to bring with me. I showed up this past week for my appointment with Dr. Coke. From the very start at the front desk, they were friendly , and informative. I was then called in for a brief talk with Andrea and she was very good at explaining what she needed to and answered questions for me. Dr. Coke was very friendly, very informative, explained everything step by step before during and after. answered questions i had. and was so calming. He told me exactly every detail of what to expect even as i was undergoing the procedure. he made me feel at east and afte rit was all over it was far easier than i expected. and afterwards, when i went to pick up medications, there was an issue at the pharmacy saying they didn't have the extra strength medication so i called in and worked with Melissa on the phone a few times in order to find a place that did, and she was so friendly and helpful, getting me through this. I will be back next week for follow up but my first visit was A+

- Mark R

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