Patient Review

My wisdom teeth never caused me issues until recently where they were very uncomfortable. My dentist watched them and there had never been a rush to get them out before. I needed to get them out quickly and when I called Oakland Oral Surgery they understood I was studying abroad soon and was in pain. They were able to get me in for my consultation and surgery both within a week and a half and worked with my school schedule as I'm a college student. I was very nervous for the procedure as well as going under but knew I'd feel better after. Dr. Chames was really nice, relaxed and genuinely cared about me as a person as well as a patient. He went over all of the risks, made sure everything was clearly outlined and showed me my situation through my x-rays. The day after my procedure, a day they were not open, he called me from his personal line just to check in on me and remind me to keep icing and that if I had any questions gave me numbers I could call, including his personal phone. A week later when I came for my check up, he reassured me I was healing just fine and asked if I wanted my stitches out. I wasn't sure and started to explain what I was feeling, where he interjected respectfully and said "why don't we just take care of them, you're worrying too much." He removed them, gave me a tool to help keep my sockets clean, and again reminded me to call if I had any questions or problems. This was such a pleasant experience and I would recommend this office to anyone! I was so impressed with how much they cared about me and how well it went. The surgery is different for everyone but I'm so glad they were by my side through it all.

- Laura B

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